Yoda’s lesson

This is the most important lesson I ever learned in my life. Without it, I’d never become the artist of my childish dreams.

Thinking back about my younger age, I used to draw to decode the world, to understand how it works. Of couse, it was all trial and error or copying figures from books.
I was too young to worry about failing. Neither I had a clue about my life’s artistic limit. I was scared to reach it too soon and settle for it.

I was 6 or 8 when I watched Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back for the first time. In a few minutes master Yoda changed my life… such things need a jedi master, uh? 😀

Do or do not. There is no try.

That sentence changed it all.
I could lift up my personal X-Wing, overcome the limits in front of me and become a “jedi drawer”.
Sure, not as fast as Luke. But he idea was crazy cool and I truly felt Yoda’s lesson was correct.

Honestly, following this path is not failure-free. The ways of Art are as arduous as the Force’s.
Anyway, Yoda’s mindset proved itself right: “trying” implies the idea of failing, of giving up. To succeed we need the exact opposite: “doing” with heart and commitment, persisting until we get results, and so on in an endless circle.

Thanks to Yoda’s words, today I can tell my child-self that she became what she dreamt to (well, almost. At that time I only wanted to animate Disney movies, but who knows what the future will bring… 😛 ).
This drives me in doing more each day, without worrying about likes on social network or popularity: the limits to overcome are others, much more interesting and rewarding in the long run.

May the Artistic Force be with you. 🙂

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Francesca Urbinati Artist

Francesca Urbinati

Sono illustratrice e fumettista freelance. Ho lavorato su effetti speciali 3D, graphic design e multimedia per RAI, Mediaset, Adobe, ArtOrder LLC, Studio Hamburg, MoveTheGame e molti altri. Pubblico la serie a fumetti Niki Batsprite e aiuto altri artisti e autori a emergere.
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