Sizes and bindings to print your comic book

Printing your comic or illustrated book is much easier today. But it’s hard to collect technical info about it. Which size? Which paper? Stapled or bound? Here’s what you need to know to print your comic book.

The size

Time set some standards that sometimes indicated the origin of the book. The US comic size, the French size, the Italian Bonelli size, the japanese tankobon and book sizes have one thing in common: they fit the racks in the bookstores.
You’re free to pick a custom size. Just check that it’s compatible with shopkeepers needs. For example, for Niki Batsprite I chose a 16x22cm size.

The binding

Stapled binding is the cheaper and diffuse type of binding. If your book is within 56-60 pages, you can use this one.
For books with an higher page number you should choose the glued binding. In this case, the book will have a thickness called spine or paperback, where you can place the author, title and book number.
Another type of binding is the sewed binding, where pages are sewed together. This makes it a luxury choice, good for big and heavy books.
As a last mention, there’s a flat glue binding (also known as perfect binding) which allows the book to open 180° without the division in the middle. This panoramic effect is great for artbooks, photobooks and portfolios.

The paper

Rigid covers need glued binding. I suggest you to choose an heavier paper than the internal pages. Consider that 300g/m² is the typical weight for business cards and the one I chose for Niki Batsprite’s cover.
Internal pages can have a lower weight.

Click the image to download a cool infographic recap.

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Francesca Urbinati

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