Reasons not to exhibit alone

If you already exhibited in a convention or two, you probably nailed some pros and cons of having friendly booth neighbors or table partners. This article is much more specific. It focuses on reasons why you should always exhibit in team with a trusted person.


Who are you?
Who, who, who, who?

Jokes aside, let’s see what kind of person you should pick as your event partner.

  1. Reliable. You can’t be dropped the day before the event, nor beg for help every single time for every single thing. Not even worry if he has done the tasks you entrusted to him. I warmly suggest that you choose a person you’re worth to, like a relative, mate or lifetime friend.
  2. Passionate. Your partner should enjoy conventions so much he would attend in any case.
  3. Cheerful and positive. You’ll need a smiling person beside you, a problem-solving mind if something unpredictable happens, a motivating sentence at the right time.
  4. Strong. Yes, I mean physically strong. If you’re not muscular at all, your partner should. This will prove useful for carrying heavy loads, as well as getting rid of bothersome visitors.
  5. [Plus] Skilled at something. Besides knowing about comics, your partner may have other usefull skills: electrician, carpentry, math, marketing… There are many side-skills that may prove useful during an exhibit.

What you’re giving back

As an exhibitor, there are things you can offer to you partner in exchange for his help.

  • Exhibitor’ pass. Who, as a comics fan, wouldn’t proudly wear an exhibitor’ pass, given for free?
  • Being behind the table. A secret dream of many convention’s visitors: to move from the front to behind the table as an “authorized personnel” of the comic industry!
  • Discounts. If your partner uses to buy tons of comics and action figures, he can meet better providers and get discounts as a friendly neighbourhood exhibitor.
  • Exciting week-ends. You already know: despite the hustle, convention’s week-ends are an adventurous party with colleagues from all over the world!



You’re busy night and day to complete new stuff for the event. Besides, you must take care of advertising, promotional stuff, social networks, etc. Your partner can take care of other crucial tasks that you can delegate: reserving tickets and hotel rooms, planning the trip, car check-up, etc.

On the way there

Two on a trip means company. It can also be a time-saver: you finally have plenty of time to talk about news, details, informations you left behind in the rush of preparation. You can turn on the driver’s seat so that the other one can rest. Even if you decided to travel by coach or plane, one of you two will always be vigilant.

Decorating the booth

One can guard the booth and start decorating, while the stronger one carries stuff from the car to the booth. A booth can be ready and secured in half the time. Heavy loads, electric plugs and some last-minute carpentry won’t be a problem anymore: one can reach the nearest hardware store, while the other keeps guarding the booth.

During the event

Two more eyes are guarding your stuff, even while you’re busy drawing those 1 minute sketches and live commissions.

Your partner can entertain visitors while you’re drawing, signing or you’re still busy with the previous customer.

Sooner or later you’ll grow tired enough to mess up with prices and changes. An help from your partner may save you time and money.

Going to the toilet, getting food or roaming the convention for public relations won’t be a problem anymore. You can go and meet all exhibitors, publishers and colleagues you want to. Once instructed by you on prices and best practices to sell, your partner will keep the booth for you.
When there are less visitors around or you don’t really need your partner’s help, remember to give him a break to relax and enjoy the show.

After the event

It’s time to say godbye to friends, leave your booth e travel your way back home. Again, it will be smoother with a partner helping you.

In the days after the event, you’ll probably be busy with follow-ups, organizing contacts, etc. Your partner’s memory will come in handy.
More than that, he’ll surely got news, met people, made friends and established contacts on his own. And they will eventually prove useful to move your next step in the comic industry.

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