Online publishing: where to find your audience

You finished writing your book or making your comic book. You can’t wait for people to read it. Still you have no idea aout how to promote it online and get people to actually rea it.

Where should I publish my book or comic/manga?

The first distinction is between publishing platforms and social networks.

Amongst book publishing platforms, Amazon Kindle is the most famous, followed by Wattpad. If you’re willing to publish a webcomic, take a look at Tapas, Comix Central or Webtoon. There are many others. Like for social networks, the popularity kind of goes with the trends.

About social networks, things get more personal. They may work good or bad depending on the person: some rocks on YouTube, some on Twitch, some climb Instagram, some can still get noticed on Facebook and there’s who talks to a business audience via LinkedIn.

The most important rule is to study the terms and habits for each solution, to choose the one that suits you best and avoid those that will be a loss of time and efforts.

Keep in mind that every solution already gathers a macro selection of audience. For example, romance lovers prefer Wattpad, Instagram users and youngers than Facebook’s, etc. Combining this information you can better choose where to start.

Grow and mantain your audience

Authors with a huge audience started with zero fans, now they have big numbers on all their accounts. If you wonder how they did it, I’m going to tell you some very useful habits.

  • Be consistent. The trust of your beloved fans grows on your reliability on posting content. With time, you’ll get statistics to pick the best days and time to post and even what kind of audience you’re attracting. Analyzing this data, you can test and adjust your social schedule according to your goals.
  • Numbers are not important. The earlier you understand it, the earlier you can focus on details that truly matters. The one number you should care about is the engagement of your readers on the content you publish: it’s better to have 10 users commenting each and every of your posts than 1.000 ghost fans.
  • You can’t just sell a product. Today, the most rare stuff is human warmth, a positive experience with the author. Nurture and surprise your readers, offer them the kind of mini-products they like and set a bunch of values, a brand that they can adopt and feel connected with you.

If these habits sound unfamiliar to you, don’t worry. I’m preparing a lot of detailed information to help you, stay tuned to Touched By Art. 😉

Steal the audience from social networks

This last advice is the best I ever received and I’m sorry I didn’t use it earlier.

The trouble with social networks is that your audience isn’t yours, it belongs to the network. The slightest change in the algorithm may annihilate your efforts to reach your fandom, that you gathered one by one in months or years. This already happened with Facebook pages and Instagram later. Protests by influencers and companies over their dropped visibility were no use. To avoid becoming hostage of the social networks, you should create a website or blog, hopefully on a custom domain, to have a “central hub” for your content. For example, on the readers can access news, fun facts, webcomics and printed comics, no matter what the social networks or publishing platforms are doing.

For the same reason, it’s important to collect e-mail contacts from people who appreciate and follow us, growing our personal fan and followers list. Not to spam them, of course! We must offer them a better experience, interacting far from the noise of social media and their bad habit to hide our content from our interested audience.

This is what I’m doing with the Touched By Art community. Thank you for being a part of it!

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