How to promote your comic book

Making your comic book is only the tip of the iceberg. There's much more you should plan ahead!

So, you completed your comic book. Each and every part of it. And you even managed to print it. Why isn't it getting the recognition it deserves?
The answer is pretty simple: nobody knows it exists... yet.

The iceberg problem

The process of self-publishing a comic book looks like an iceberg. You think that the task consists in making and printing pages. Wrong. You're only looking at the tip of the iceberg. There's a bigger part underwater, and you'll eventually notice it too late (who said "Titanic"?)!

Your just published comic book is like an hidden treasure: it may be a masterpiece, but nobody will notice it because nobody knows the book even exists!

The bigger part: make it known

You must notify people out there about your book. In a word: advertise.
I strongly suggest you to start before you complete your book. Release sketches, work-in-progress and other appealing content as you work on it. Tease, don't spoiler.

A story to rule them all

"I don't care" - Artwork for the comic series "Niki Batsprite".

"I don't care" - Artwork for the comic series "Niki Batsprite".

No matter how colorful and shining your book cover is, it's not enough to excite people about your comic book. Offer free content, be that comic strips, artworks, cut-scenes or insights about the characters.

Your goal is to make people grow fond of your characters and thrilled about the story. To achieve this, you must share information about story and characters. Don't be afraid to offer some free content or share details about characters personality.

Be social

Engage your readers on social networks in a friendly and informal way. Offer special content or prizes (even a small one will do). Be sure to publish an update at least once or twice a week.
Don't bother too much about numbers. Facebook fans or Twitter followers will come and go. Just make sure to have a growing trend in the long run. If it doesn't happen, analyze and improve the content you're sharing.

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