How to draw furry female characters

tutorial how to draw furry females basic structure
It’s time to draw furry females! I’ll show you the quick and easy way. You may want to check my tutorial How to draw furry characters first.
Let’s start!

Basic structure

We can start with a standard/male structure. Let’s check proportions and pose as we usually do for male characters.
tutorial draw furry females

A female touch

Let’s turn this sketch into Fally from my comic series Niki Batsprite. Here’s some critical zones to pay attention at:

  • Neck: Show a thin, graceful neck.
  • Thinner arms: Let’s make her look slender and graceful compared to furry males.
  • Hourglass shape: This is the true key when drawing females! Let’s apply it to the body and the legs to enhance the curves of the character.
tutorial how to draw furry females


Now, add details the usual way. Respect the volumes, straight lines are not welcome here.

Final lineart

Retouch and complete your lineart, then step back and admire the sexy furry girl you’ve just drawn.

Please, share and comment if this tutorial has been useful to you!
tutorial how to draw furry females production samples

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