How to draw furry characters

Human proportions
It’s time to draw furry characters! I’ll show you the quick and easy way. It requires practice, don’t give up if you don’t get results at your first attempt.
Let’s start!

Human VS furry

Let’s look at a human proportion scheme. As you can see, the scale between the head and the total height is 1:8. To draw cute furry characters, we must change this proportion to 1:5 and change everything accordingly.
We can play with some parts. For example, I like to draw legs a bit longer than needed. Other parts must absolutely stick to the scheme, like the elbow and the wrist.

Blue sketch

I’m going to draw Moari from my comic series “Niki Batsprite”.
Let’s do a blue sketch to fix the pose and check proportions. Note that the head is bigger than a human one.
The vertical middle line helps to check simmetry and volumes as well.
I made rounded arms and chest, since the little rabbit Moari is a “kid”.
NOTE: My blue sketches are usually very clean, because I only ned a few lines to define them. It depends by experience and practice, so don’t wory if your blue sketches look messed up.


Details stick within (eyes, nose, mouth) or out (ears, hair) of the base structure. If the blue sketch is correct, placing details will go smooth and easy.

Final lineart

Now we know where to stroke with our pencil. Use a normal pencil to draw over your blue sketch, using it as a guide. I like to use a really thin pencil to achieve more control over small details.

TIP: Switch between thin and fat strokes to achieve volume and give life to your lineart.

Tips for poses

Unlike humans, we can’t use furry photos as references. That’s why practice is mandatory to draw furry characters, regardless the pose. You can pick human references for your furry characters, but be very careful not to refer to human proportions, too!

Tips for expressions

Unlike realistic drawings, with furry characters we can exagerate expressions in a cartoonish way.
Take a look to the panel from “Niki Batsprite” book #6.


Please let me know if this tutorial has been useful to you.

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