Draw faster without losing quality

Rise your hand if you ever feel slow at drawing! Other artists create wonderful images so fast. And no, I’m not talking about speed paintings on YouTube. If you want to know how they do it, keep reading.

With this method I become 86% faster, no jokes.
Like everything about art, it takes practice. But I guarantee it’s one of the best methods to improve.

1. Make the very best image you can.

Take your time and be very relaxed. You’re doing it for yourself only. It’s ok if it takes a week or even a month. Your only concern is to make everything at the top of your skills.

2. Focus on one detail at a time.

Pick an aspect or a step of the process. It could be the composition or the shading, the face expression or the color palette. I suggest that you start from the more troublesome, after that everything will be easier. 😉

3. Optimize the technique to realize it.

In the next weeks, focus on experiments to achieve that same quality of the detail in a short time. You can try other artists techniques, mix them together or consult my Artbook and Manual. There I wrote many tricks I learned along the years, to help other artists to overcome their limits and find their personal shortcut-techniques.
The most important thing is that your final method has a few steps, easy to remember and simple to execute for you.

4. Rinse and repeat.

When you’ll be confident with your new technique for that detail, start again from point 2 with another detail. In this wat, you’ll pile up an effective tehcnique on another and you’ll make a leap of quality: things that required you a week will then require ona day, or even less!

Why is this method worth?

While we draw or color, we ask our brain to pay attention to many little things at the same time. If we instruct it and get it used to every single detail, we give it time to assimilate a bit at a time, until it becomes an automatic routine.
This is how professional artists become so good and fast at the same time, without even look tired! ;D

If you wish, let me know how much you became faster with this method.

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Francesca Urbinati Artist

Francesca Urbinati

Sono illustratrice e fumettista freelance. Ho lavorato su effetti speciali 3D, graphic design e multimedia per RAI, Mediaset, Adobe, ArtOrder LLC, Studio Hamburg, MoveTheGame e molti altri. Pubblico la serie a fumetti Niki Batsprite e aiuto altri artisti e autori a emergere.
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