Checklist: from aspiring to professional artist

A tool to measure your quality level as you go from newbie to professional artist.

Please, be aware that I’m focusing on quality only. Becoming a professional takes much more than be darn good at drawing! We’ll talk about it in the future, now let’s focus on this.

Here’s how it works

  1. Pick one or more images from other artists that represent your goal. You know, those images you fall deeply in love with, wishing you painted them yourself. I suggest that you group them by categories: lights and colors, characters, backgrounds and landscapes.
  2. Print the checklist and keep it in your sight, like hanging on the wall. Print the images you chose and hang them all around the list.
  3. Keep studying and practicing to fulfill the checklist, one goal at a time. Take your time, don’t rush and be honest with yourself. As your results on a goal match the quality of the images you picked, update the checklist. You can also update the images with new ones along the way.

This checklist is a great tool, but can’t be a guarantee. It mostly depends on you, your commitment and self judgment. If you’re in doubt, you can email me your status and I’ll tell you if you’re on track.

Download the checklist: TBA_checklist_artist_quality_EN
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